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‘Beast Girl’ Contest

So I was a thinking…I was feeling like shopping, like buying lots of pretty things and pretty art (the web can be a wonderful place to window shop) and as I followed this stream of thought to its unavoidable end, the end where I realize that I can’t really spend money right now, not on frivolous things or even deeply meaningful things.. that its time to batten down the hatches and just worry about the necessities and paying bills etc…. well this made me sad….Not a sad in an end of the world way or sad about the real suffering of so many animals and people we share the planet with kinda way…but in a WAH…pity party I want something new spoiled brat kinda way but still sad none the less….

So I was thinking ‘I’ can’t have what ‘I’ want right now but I have all the power to give someone else what they might want right now, so I decided to do another giveaway on my Facebook Fan page.

I made this little ‘Beast Girl’ painting. I didn’t have a real plan about how I would do the contest, but once I was finished with the painting I decided the Character needed a story and what better way to decide who gets the painting then by asking people to write stories about her. So I posted the painting and way to win it to my facebook fan page, initially I intended to pick my top 2 favorites and have those voted on. …but I decided it would be too hard to do that and I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, as I am so touched by the efforts that people made to tell ‘her’ story.

Soooo I am posting them here in the order that I received them in my mail box. At the end of all the stories there is a chance for you to vote in the poll ‘Who should will the Beast Girl’

Please only vote for one story.

First up is a story by Jeff Bertrand

Once upon a time in a land of doom and dismay
lived a Beast Girl  who lived in the woods far far away
she howled at the moonlight and growled at the blowing trees
she chased little children and gave them her beastly disease.
she ate the blue sky and cried  white snow flakes
it was winter here dying trees and frozen lakes

second up Melissa Ruby

Beast Girl

i am a buxom wildebeest at night, possessed by the blinking of satellites and the silhouettes of leering trees. the moon stalks me everywhere i go, longing to halo my head, as if a wildebeest can earn the title of angel. but i have no feathered wings, i am burdened by beastly fur and the devil’s cleft feet and Nyx herself has spat on my hair.

a mourning dove flutters over my head, then drops from the sky, as if she loses the will to lift her wings and flee from a wildebeest. i nudge her with a hoof and scream for her to fly. i cry over her body and my tears become as frozen as the tundra, seared onto my face. my eyelashes form icicles, which splinter away, and fall into the dove’s beak. her soft coos bubble into gurgles as she chokes on my icicle eyelashes and dies. i hear a cackle in the sky and look up. the moon is doubled over, trying to stifle his laughter. i curse him for mocking me. i curse you! i say and his laughter erupts. he laughs so hard he gets the hiccoughs. then he smiles at me, that crooked smile, and taunts me: yes, wildebeest, you are an angel, he says, you are an angel of dove death! and he laughs again so i lunge into the air, aiming to strangle him, but i miss, so i bite the sky instead. the atmosphere smears across my face and dribbles down my chin. as i swallow the little piece of universe in my mouth, the sun rises, so the moon winks at me and fades into the lightening sky. see you tomorrow night, he whispers. i glare at him and turn to face the sun so she’ll melt the tears and icicles from my face. i lick the leftover blue sky at the corners of my lips, catching a star with the tip of my tongue. it pops and fizzles in my mouth.

when the sun sees me, she sighs. what did he do this time? she says.

Third up Danielle Vogel

In the beginning, he would lie me down in the dark and read.  I would stretch my fingers and toes. Lick the base of my bone-teeth to taste the inked edges of his words. “How sharp. How musk,” I would say.  And he would bite my breast blue.  And I would let loose a growl for him to swallow before continuing his verse.

Words spilled like ink-filled spiders from his mouth. His jaw would drop and they crept out. Their thin silver legs balanced on his opened lips. They crouched and hopped. Their hairy blue heads made their way from his throat. Gurgling up, heavy bodied. They dropped from between his teeth.

No matter how far I go they will travel — the large ones will stalk and the small ones will cast their script into the wind.

They will crawl upon my skin. Wind their webs about my wrists and ankles. Sink their ink in my blood. They will make a refuge of my hair and spin in the space between my thighs.

They will make a marionette of me, leaving me motionless without his words. My arms and legs limp.

And when my skin is too heavy with spiders, they will pry open my lips and crowd my lungs. They will stop my nose and suffocate themselves into my sex. And there will be no place his words have not touched.

Fourth Up Nicole Perugini

In a far away land

lived a far away girl
she was lovely on the eyes
so it was said
her heart was as big as a town
and she wore it on her chest
unlike those whose hearts would fit on their sleeves
she was an angel to many
to some- however-
a beast.girl
a beast.girl
she refused to say yes
to a man who wished to give her a kiss
while his wife was away for a weekend/
she stopped believing the lies told to her
and started making a staNd on many levels
she fought
& she fought HARD-
to save
(oh its 11:11 now– my fave time)
the zippin pippin- the fairgrounds- the cAr0UsEl-
even a historic building
in her far away town
as she knew in her big beast.ly heart
twas the right thing to do
this beast.girl
lived like a wild.flower/
but as those arent tame-
many didnt understand flowers of such a wild nature–
the un.know.ers wished to quieten her-
yet she shone on
in alllllll her beast.ly.ness
she was a beast.girl

Fifth up Mariandra Xeen

“Beast Girl”

There once was a beautiful woman who was saddened by the world.
She decided to become a hermit and live the rest of her life in the forest.
In the bitter cold months of January her skin and her heart grew hard like the trees around her.
One day while searching for berries she was startled by a Handsome male youth of a deep blue color.
He was  dressed like an ancient King adorned in gold and rubies.
He held in his hand a beautiful and fragrant lotus flower.
“Why are you here in my forest?!” yelled out the Beast Girl.
He answered back “I am the Sustainer, the Master, the Abode, the Most dearest friend, I am Creation And Annihilation,
I am the basis of Everything!”
As she glanced deep into his eyes she felt the heat of her heart for the Very first time.
With that the Beast Girl kissed him on the cheek and he disappeared into the night.
The ice around her body began to melt as her lips were forever stained indigo blue like the color of this mysterious and magical boy’s skin.
At that moment she knew that she must return back into the troubled Human world and restore it to it’s natural state of Love, Peace and Harmony.

~The end.

Sixth up is a True story  by Jen Solomon

Beast Girl

There once was a girl. She lived all alone. She was that way even though many had loved her. Some had proposed and some had given her all the best- friendship, flowers and accompanied her on foreign trips and many nights at Bay Area Bars. Nothing had been enough for her. She was so afraid of them going away that she would push them away then pretend it didn’t matter when they left and found new friends and wives and lovers. They thought she didn’t care. She thought she was sad to see them go, bewildered at their leaving and tried to wish them the best and put on a happy face but there came a day when she could no longer hide the ugly truth- she was JEALOUS! So jealous and had never been able to admit that- not even to herself! This jealousy was eating her alive and leaving her lonely. But even worse, she realized, she needed to tell those she had loved/hurt that she was sorry, a fool and a Beast Girl.

The seventh story is by Lorena Krause

She opens her eyes and sees millions of cloudy stars.  The vision lasts a fraction of a second or perhaps less.  That is one quality of the beast girl who can see massive amounts of imaginative visions thereby creating worlds, but she’s just learning that every time she does it she transforms herself and that; she can’t control, hence the melancholic look in her eyes.

With her famous sweet voice that still sounded human said once “I’m so excited, where are we going?”  An old voice answered:  “I told you it’s a surprise because you’re different”.  That was the last time we ever saw her. It is said that she now lives in a magnificent landscape she imagined.

The Eighth story is by Noelle Eckman

The Night of The Beast Girl

It was the night of the full moon, and as the matriarch of the sky cast her first glow onto her children of the woods, the smell of misty pine needles and freshly disturbed dirt tickled Beast Girl awake from her nap and filled her little nostrils with the electric current of the night forest.  As the collection of lengthy lashes on her lids parted she gazed up without thinking and was lost for a moment in the trance of Luna’s light, body and breath gone completely still in awe – like the stillness of the dead – but soon with much strain she forced her eyes down again, just as she had spent the last few years training herself to do.  Her first few full moons she had lost consciousness several times when catching her breath for too long at the sight of her cosmic goddess.  That is how it was, and must be, for the true children of the Moon… A curse within a curse, to be bound to the most beautiful entity ever to lift shadows from the dark spaces of her soul, but to be made near-fatally dumbfounded at every glance, every small attempt at visual admiration.  As she felt her heart fall in her chest at the awful affair, she remembered her only consolation: the lake.  With a lick or two to her tail and a good stretch to the arch of her back and her dainty limbs, she began the sprint to the sacred body of water.

As she felt her padded toes start to squish into heavily moistened turf she slowed, panting softly, and filled her doe-like eyes with the sight of her moon goddess, reflected in the still waters of the lake before her. She used to drink from a river closer to her den than this lake, and so did not even know until a recent exploration the wonder that took place here.  For here, and here alone, in the reflection of the glassy liquid, she could make love with her eyes to the round paleness of Luna and not be stricken with the deadly stillness.  She felt warm saline drops fall onto her bare fleshy cheeks and grinned, cooing and purring to the shining white circle, making night music.  She spent an hour this way, sometimes dancing on tip toe and holding her frame in devotional and celebratory postures, until she started feeling bolts of pain in her stomach and remembered that she needed to hunt if she did not want to go hungry tonight.  She started to pout even though there was no one there to see it, but the light of her lady’s reflection seemed to chide her softly and urge her to find prey and commit the divine murder.  A little upset, but resigned, she bent down to take a drink of water out of the pool of light before heading off.  Before breaking the surface with her mouth she caught sight of a fish weaving casually below the surface, and did not move to try and snatch it out or startle it – for she was not in the mood for a slippery and cold meal.  Strangely though the color of the fish made her pause.  It was a bright, light aqua blue, and though it made no sense, it reminded her of something sticky, hard and sweet.  She felt her heart pace start to speed and salivated to an uncomely level, and then a quick and distorted sensation of gooey lips and a saccharine glue running hot down her throat overtook her.  She stuck her face violently in the water without thinking, teeth bared,  and the fish darted fast out of distance.  After blowing some angry and confused bubbles she pulled out of the water and combed her long midnight black hair, now dripping wet, out of her face with her paws.  She huffed, upset at how disorienting and strange that bombardment to her senses had been – and realized she was more famished than ever, in fact almost crazed with hunger!  But suddenly, interrupting her thought, a low noise started coming into focus and filled her ears- then grew and touched deeper, causing a vibration just below her rib cage…  Looking in the direction of the source of the sound, now completely taught with the rapidly growing unusualness of the night, she started to spy two bright lights fading into view on the other side of the lake – and without thinking further scuttled into the shadows beneath an overhang on a large rock to her immediate right.  In the crevice of darkness she felt safer, but could, and did, continue to spy on what manner of attraction unfolded before her.

As she watched, a large rectangular box of metal on round rubber balloons puttered through a hollow in the trees, crunching the mass of leaves on the forest floor and rolling into a stop at the edge of the tree line, in view of the lake. Beast Girl then had a vague memory  float into her mind of a great big human man with a curling mustache standing next to a contraption like this metal beast, holding her on his shoulders and making her repeat the word “car” as she kicked and chuckled.  She was very small in the memory and without her fluffy tail, and as she tried to say the new human word a gob of something bright and tantalizingly blue fell out of her mouth onto the hulking man’s well-oiled hair and stuck there. Flying mentally back out of the past and into focus, she felt a piercing fear at the reccurence of the blue mystery substance, and also it pained her that she could not remember what this memory meant or was a part of.  Thinking harder she realized she could not remember anything but a stretch of hollow blankness before a few years ago.  She did not know why she hadn’t realized this before, and was at a very depressed loss until she had a thought that maybe the funny fish in the lake had secreted a hallucinogenic poison into the area of water she had submerged her pretty face into earlier.  It was, after all, a very unusual and suspicious fish, and wanting to keep her simple and natural sanity in tact, she settled on that reasoning.  She made a mental note that perhaps she should search out a different lake for future viewing sessions with her holy aerial beacon if she desired to to stay alive and well.  It was not safe here after all.

She slowly started to inch her way out of the area, but always with her eyes on the threat.  As she watched a human female exited the mechanical box holding a small human child, who in turn held a basket of some kind.  The assumed mother carried the child with her parcel all the way over to the bank of the lake opposite to Beast Girl and plopped her gently down on her tiny bottom.  The woman had fine pale hair that looked almost silver in the light of her great satellite priestess.  Beast Girl watched it sway around her pale creamy frame as she adjusted her child’s pinafore straps and kissed the child on her peachy cheek.  These were surely exemplary creatures of their race. So immensely gorgeous, and tender, and… helpless. Beast girl realized she was lingering on that last adjective, and it came to her mind that she had stopped slinking further back from the scene and, although very quietly, was breathing at a much faster pace.  Her little chest bobbed up and down like a fan at the flames of a furnace, and when the woman across the lake bent over and started setting out whatever was in the child’s basket, the woman’s breasts hung down, bulging out of the line of her cloth garments, looking so plump and fruit-like it made Beast Girl involuntarily start sneaking back in the direction he had once feared.  She was now filled with the blushing heat of the hunt, her skin practically undulating to it’s own percussive beat.

Beast Girl made her way around the bend of the lake, belly pressed low into the water reeds and grasses , dark fur blending with the earth below her.  She was almost in distance when she heard a creaking and crunching close by, and she stopped and hovered to watch a man appear and begin pulling the mother away from the child back towards the mobile machine.  He was calling her strange human words like “bay-bee” and “huh-nee poht” and giving little brisk pats to her rump. As he pulled and teased on her, the mother pulled something small from a hidden pouch in the man’s smooth garment’s.  She took some sort of wrapping off it and handed it to the child, then began to walk away with the man, back towards the machine.  But this time Beast Girl did not follow them with their eyes – for the gift given to the child glinted in the light of the sky, and a strobe of opaque aqua filtered onto Beast Girl’s retinal nerves and suddenly she was struck dumb with horror.  Watching the little girl push the orb of blue into her small, moist mouth and start to play with a family of small stuffed animalia gathered around her, Beast girl was thrown into another memory – this time stronger than ever:

In the “past-vision” Beast Girl was a bit smaller than she was now, and sitting on a large red and white checkered cloth laid out on the floor of a forest.  As she looked down at her own hands and feet, she saw that she was bare-skinned and… and human!  She sat amongst two large humans, one male and one female, all three placed amidst many small plates of strange foods and liquids.  There were crumbling sweet-smelling bricks of dark grain, jars of yellow and red paste, a very delicious looking carved leg of beast, and other some such human delights.  Being very déjà vu, the large dream-man patted Beast Girl on the top of the head and handed her a bright blue sweetie from his pocket.  Beast Girl let out a squeal of joy in a very female human manner, and started dancing about with her new prize – off of the floor cloth and into spinning circles of giggles nearby.  When she was done celebrating she tentatively used the attached stick to press the orb of blue tint into her human mouth, decorated with all of those useless round and soft teeth, and began to slurp and suck at the thing.  She remembered then that this was her absolute favorite thing in the world, this blue mystery sweet, and that the big human folks only let her have these things on very rare and special occasions when they would go on outings and she would wander alone, soaking in the pure delight of the sugary sap-ball.  In her “time-dream” Beast Girl wandered on a path deeper into the forest, looking passively upon the multicolored leaves bedding the floor, eyes practically glazed over, being sensually all-consumed by the fountain of flavor slowly dripping down her throat.

In this scene though, she was not left to see her contentment through to the end proper – for she spied two great and glowing yellow eyes looking straight into her face about 6 paces ahead of her, and a deep and rumbling voice began to erupt from the razored maw that sat below those enchanting optic organs.      “Yoooouuuuuu…”  it groaned at her. “Look at me… look into my eyes… Yes, good child.  You are so very beautiful.  I have watched you today, adjusting your skirts and throwing your head back to look at the clouds.  Many humans have entered my forest but they have all been such sad members of their species, compared to you.  None had such hair, so fine and silken, and yet so completely dark.  None has such eyes, so large and with the unsettling likeness of a doe of the woods.  Small round breasts, hidden under your dress; small delicate fingers, constantly playing and toying with the materials about you… You are too beautiful to waste on a meal.  You, child I want… as my wife!”  And as the monstrous entity said the last, he approached the still stunned memory version of Beast Girl’s self and stroked one half-human half-animal hand languidly down the side of her face and neck.  He then let his long pink tongue slide from his black distended lips and traced a slow, drool-heavy line over the tops of her small breasts and up to her lips.  This was so completely across the barriers of her comfort zone though, that every hair follicle on her graceful body stood straight up on end and she gave the beastly creature a big smack to the face without thinking further.  She had awoken, unpleasantly, from whatever trance the creature’s eyes had trapped her in, and she was furious and humiliated.  Lightning dancing in her otherwise soft eyes, and she used words that she had once heard her human mother curse at a particularly over-zealous postal boy.
“Fudge off, you scum-humping son of a whore! You disgust me!”  And then she spat a large stringy glob of blue colored saliva in his face and started to walk off back in the direction she came, hoping deeply that he would not follow.  But surely and disappointingly enough, the enraged beast-man appeared in her way again, coming up in front of her unsettlingly fast – and he snatched the treasured blue sweetie from her fragile grip.  Then swinging it in front of her he hissed,
” What about if I take THIS from you, eh little wretched angel?  I have seen how you love it, cherish it, favor it’s salivary gifts.  I have watched the cloud of euphoria float off of your skin, and smelled the pleasure in the beads of gay sweat that dribble from your glands as you dance and skip in it’s name!  What if I refuse to give it back until you let me take you as my own?”  At this the young pre-Beast Girl turned a deep shade of scarlet, raised her hands with fingers now bent and shaking with anger, bared her little useless teeth and attacked the man in front of her, pushing her fingers deep into his magical and strange eyes until they oozed blood.  Screaming high and shrill the monster in front of her slashed her guts open with his clawed hands, tossing the lollipop away, and biting into Girl’s shoulder before running off into the far-away shadows.

Now a ruin of hemogoblin and pain the Beast Girl of the past fell to her hands and knees, too wordlessly in shock to weep. She watched her human fluids of life start to make a pool below her and knew she would probably die in that place, all alone.  During her shallow and ragged breaths she smelled the sickly sweet scent of her blue lolli, and looked to find it was not far out of her reach.  Rolling onto her side, she took the sweet from the ground and marveled at its magnificent color once more, before sticking it back into her mouth.  She felt strangely triumphant in her last conscious moments as her human self, reveling in the now muddy and leafy sugar goodness.  And then she was gone.

The next bit of memory that washed over the present tense Beast Girl were flashes of waking up filled with the hunger, using her new claws and predatory teeth to slaughter any living thing she could find and conquer. And then forgetting, forgetting faster than she had ever planned she could, how she had come to be and who she was.  She would now simply be Beast Girl, mammalian horror of the forest wood.

Beast girl came out of the unwanted memory bomb and back into time’s current reality with a face completely covered in tears.  She did not want to remember who she had been, she had not expected to ever have a reason to remember. Odd sounds suddenly starting to bubble from behind her, she realized she was on her belly below the grass line for a reason.  The older human couple from before her flashback were back in the “car,” and apparently… mating.  Their child was still far enough away that she probably wouldn’t hear.  She was absorbed in her visit with the lifeless cotton toys, and still gingerly holding her blue sweetie, not yet fully consumed.  An almost numbness washed over Beast Girl, and she stood and paced over to the small round child – fairly certain the people in the metal contraption were sufficiently too occupied in their indecency to notice. Immediately, the little girl was so scared that she went as white and blank as the dead, not uttering a sound as our fur-bodied and lovely Beast Girl approached.  Beast Girl calmly removed the lolli from the doll-like hand, which released it easily, and then walked away – back towards her shelter and into the night, leaving the humans to their mundane lives.

Back near her shelter she climbed the highest tree she knew of in the forest and took her time finishing the dreadful candy.  She let herself do exactly what she wanted with it, sometimes rubbing it around the skin of her lips and under her nose lazily, taking in the experience. When she was done she lay back on her branch and knowingly lifted her lashy eyes to the Moon, letting the stillness of complete awe and devotion steal her breath and stop the beating of her beastly heart.  She was filled with the light at the end of the dark tunnel of blessed lunar enchantment, and when her body ran out of enough oxygen to feed her brain, she passed out for the first time in a long time, and knew Peace.



Story 9 is by Camille Hamilton

The Blue-Mouthed Lark

Once upon a midnight dark
deep in forest,
moss and bark,
there sat a tiny blue-mouthed lark
that chirped and sang
’til morn.
The ravens came
and ate the lark
bringing with them
pure black dark
empty cries swallowed up
the mark
and silence filled the trees.

The quiet brought
the hungry fox
that ate the ravens
and unlocked
shadows creeping
up the rocks
and swirling ’round
his knees.
The serpents bring him
to the ground
consuming whole
the fur and sound
the echoes of the
feathered found
to mingle with the breeze.

Her nose, it caught
the scent of blue
and with it came
the crying too
the bear ate every coil
she could find.
Her claws were caked
in glittered snake
oiled fur
wet through.
Clouds of scales
fell like leaves
blending with
the dew.

The moon, it rose
and filled the night
covering earth
in inky white,
like tears that stained
her pretty face
eyes and limbs
a doe-like grace.
She hadn’t seen him
for so long,
her little bird
and his sweet song
Could he be close?
She felt him near
but all she saw
was the big brown bear.

So she ate the bear
and all the teeth
cogitating underneath
all the fur,
and bone,
seeing her reflection
…it was known.

The moon queried how
she knew so true…

and she replied…

His mouth was blue.

OK so now that you have read all the stories please choose your favorite and please vote only once. If you are one of the authors try to be fair, if you ask your friends to vote please encourage them to read all the stories and not just bypass them to vote for you.

Thank you again to all the authors for your wonderful tales and please know that I love each and every one of them!! and am so thrilled that you decided to play along!! Best of luck!!

The poll will be open till Next Monday at 2PM

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