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Playboy Redux

Hey Peeps!! so I thought I would give the few, the faithful, the bird watchers! a peak at my painting for the Playboy Redux show. I think I am going to call it “The first Bunny was a Deer” what do you think?  I was invited into this show when my sweetie pie friend Isabel Samaras threw out my name to the organizers and they liked my work !!so thank you Isabel!! ok so Isabel knows about my love of painting deer hoofed women and said to me(and I’m paraphrasing)  ‘you know miss bird bunnies don’t have deer feet ‘ and I laughed about that and agreed. well to my surprise and delight, when I was talking to the marketing guy for the show he told me that the original icon was a stag!! I never knew that and I guess there was some sort of legal issue over that image so the stag became the bunny!! I asked him if I wouldn’t get into too much trouble if i gave her deer feet and he said ‘go for it’ So yay for me and my deer hoofed ladies!!

If you like the title let me know or have another suggestion I’m all ‘ears’

the opening is next Friday Aug 27th at Rotofugi gallery in Chicago! And there is a terrific lineup that I am honored to be included in!! Check it out!


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I’m often asked about my creative process and it actually is kind of a tough question for me.’ Sometimes’ the ideas flow directly out of my head and onto the panel unimpeded by the critic sitting on my shoulder or any other doubt or distraction that can wave its arms wildly in front of me, thwarting me form the direct path between thought and execution……but I like the winding path and many many times, more often then not ,I’d say that is the route I take, I like the discovery’s along the way and even though it is a much more arduous journey it ‘can’ be worth it in the end.  Sometimes I fall into  the glistening pool of the subconscious….this is one of those times….

this is the first sketch, my original idea was a kind of seeker in a foreign world holding specimens of other creatures while she herself was a specimen as well…

ok now here you would think I was well on my way to a painting (far from the sight of the finish line, but a start)…except that the composition wasn’t really working out for me and I really just wasn’t feeling it…it was at this point that the painting got sanded down to the only 2 pieces of it I liked the face and the bear…and there it sat on the floor of my bedroom for months, I had to take it out of my studio for lack of space so there it was every morning reminding me that it was still here and I wasn’t done and I had enough that I loved about it that I would have to ‘go back in’…sometimes it feels like .warfare…

there were many more slight evolutions of this piece before it was finally finished, a lot of painting things in and out during this time I had a dream I was being chased and had to jump into water to escape the ‘bad guys’… knowing I couldn’t hold my breath very long I started to panic but then realizing I could breath underwater…if I hadn’t waited for that dream to come then maybe one of my favorite parts of the painting, the girl with her head underwater in the swirling bottom portion of the painting wouldn’t have happened.

So it was a really long road to the finish line for this one but it is one of my favorite paintings to date.

and finally ‘Swooning at the River of Oblivion’

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hey There! soooo I am starting a blog… not because I think I have anything particularly interesting to say, I am not a writer and not very eloquent with words, I use images to express myself best, but because as an artist, spending most of my time alone in my studio working, I figure this may be a fun way to connect with the ‘outside’ world 😉 and to give people, that are interested in my work, a little peak inside the comings and goings in the’ bird’s’ brain 😉

To begin with, in trying to decide what to call this blog (and mind you I am sure, knowing myself, that will be highly subject to change) I temporarily decided upon ‘Fly’s in the Buttermilk’ this was a title of a series of work I did about 5 years ago but i think it kind of epitomizes the way i feel about life and the lens that I see it though. I don’t think of myself as a pessimist at all! but I do see the darkness( the bug) floating in the sweetness of the cream of life. I am obsessed with duality and ever striving for that illusive ‘balance’ in my own life…so I explore over and over again that pull between, for lack of more beautiful words, light and dark.

So with out further adiou I will publish this first post I hope you’ll come visit from time to time.

Tweets for the sweet!


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